Crazy Week

Well, September is here and is proving to be just as busy as I suspected. I’m finally sitting down to catch my breath after a whirlwind week.

Grayson has not had the easiest of weeks, poor kid. He had a seizure here at the house on Monday and then another at school on Tuesday, has been vomiting a lot, and overall hasn’t had much energy and has been really irritable. And to add insult to injury, today a mosquito (or more likely mosquitoes) decided to feast on his face- yikes! Thankfully, I learned just this morning to put lavender essential oil on bug bites, and within just a few minutes, he already looked almost normal again.

We finally wised up and got Grayson headphones for when we are out and about so he can listen to Veggie Tales without driving the rest of the world insane. He actually kept them on for almost three hours at church last Sunday. Sadly, we are at the point where Grayson can’t safely be in the church nursery anymore. Although he is still an infant in so many ways, he is too heavy and awkward to leave, so we are working on other arrangements at church. Last week, he went with us to Sunday school and church, and happily listened to his tunes almost the whole time.

My little social butterfly had her first day of “school” yesterday, and her teachers said she did really well. They described her as a “VERY active baby”- ha! She dove right in and started playing with the toys in the room when I dropped her off without even a glance in my direction, but was very excited to see me when I picked her up later that afternoon. Posing with her backpack (and munching on a leaf)…oh I can’t handle the cuteness- she is already such a big girl!

Today while Grayson was in school, my friend L came over to deliver Charlotte’s baby bedding! L so generously had the bedding made as a baby gift for us, and although it took quite a while to come, it is definitely worth the wait- GORGEOUS! I’m not going to post pictures until I can get some really good ones, but I will soon, I promise! Anyway, we went to lunch with L and Charlotte had her first pickle. This picture cracks me up, but I can assure you, after the initial shock, she loved it and happily munched on that pickle for several minutes.

(By the way, I can also assure you that my child doesn’t have to wear a giant flower on her head EVERY day. But she sure rocks them, yes?)

After lunch we went and introduced Charlotte to her cousin Theo. Theo was having a moment (while wearing one of Grayson’s tiny baby outfits, oh my heart) and Charlotte didn’t quite know what to think about all that crying. Again, I can’t wait to see these two in action when they team up in a few months!

In addition to keeping up with the kiddos, we’ve had quite a week on the home search front. For those of you keeping up, yes, we are still with my parents. We cooled the search for a few months to focus on enjoying our new family of 4, but have slowly been easing into finding a place of our own.

Grayson’s school is in an area of the city that is extremely expensive. And what we can afford is pretty much the opposite of extremely expensive. But, we want to be close enough to the school so that I’m not spending hours in the car each day (not fair to the kids or our gas bill). We also need either a one story or two story with a bedroom and bathroom downstairs for Grayson. And we need an area where we can put Grayson’s swing. So really we are basically looking for a needle in a haystack.

At this point, since January, we’ve either had contracts that fell through or have been outbid on no less than 6 houses. And we’ve found two that we LOVED but by the time we went to make an offer, they already had contracts on them. SO frustrating. This week, we’ve put offers in on two houses. One we ultimately decided against for various reasons, and we are waiting to hear back on our offer on the other one. Here’s the kicker: we haven’t actually seen the house. We’ll go look at in the morning, to make sure it’s as good in person as it is online, and should hear if our offer is accepted sometime Sunday.

So who knows if we’ll have a contract or not by the end of the weekend. I have determined that house hunting is not on my list of favorite things. But these two sure are…


5 thoughts on “Crazy Week

  1. Oh my gosh, his poor face!!! It looks like he was swarmed. Poor lil guy. I'm glad the oils helped. I keep hearing about them but am slow to do any real research into them. No real reason, I just need to get off my duff about it. I love it when you can use something natural instead of chemicals for medicine. Also, she ROCKS the giant flower and should wear one every day. 🙂 Love it!!! Good luck on the house hunt! I'm sure that the Lord will direct your path to the perfect house with the perfect neighborhood that will support and embrace you.

  2. Oh, poor Grayson! That picture with the mosquito bites made me want to cry. The poor dear! And I'm sorry he had a bad week. That must be so hard on both of you. As for the house hunting…just UGH. House hunting is the worst. I'm so sorry you have to do it. It's no fun. I hope you find something that works for your family, and SOON!PS Two of Osita's most beloved dresses will be in the mail this week. I haven't had time to go through my other 6-12 mo clothes but I will soon and I'll send the best stuff your way.

  3. Oh, poor love!! I winced at his bug bites!! I'm sorry to hear that it was a rough week, but he's as cute and sweet as ever. Glad he's rocking his headphones– we have the same ones.And Miss Charlotte– I can't believe how big she's getting. Beautiful girl!!Fingers crossed about the offers!

  4. Precious pictures, love them all. C is too cute in her first day of school picture,so glad that she had a great day! Glad that the lavender oil helped his bites, poor boy, I hate when it happens that they bite and bite and bite. Ugh. Fingers crossed on the house front, so smart to just make an offer and then see it after, in this market, that seems the best way!

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