Beads of Courage!

Have you heard of Beads of Courage? Beads of Courage is an organization that helps children with chronic illness tell their stories through beads that represent treatments and milestones they have experienced in their journeys. Please visit their website to read about the awesome work they do to honor and support sick kids.

A few months ago, a friend asked if Grayson could be the Beads of Courage sponsor child for a local  event this September. I knew about the program and wanted Grayson to be involved, so I was incredibly honored and excited that he was chosen.

I was given a journal page to fill out and had to go back to Grayson’s records and record basically everything he’s been through medically. I had to count how many times he’s been poked for a blood draw or IV (A LOT, poor baby), had a tube change, scans, tests like MRIs, EEGs and spinal taps, surgeries, therapy sessions, ambulance rides, hospital stays, etc, etc, etc. Seeing all those numbers in one place was overwhelming- my little dude certainly has earned a symbol of courage in his almost three years of life.

Grayson will receive his beads and be honored at the Bead Inspired event in Katy on September 28 (less than a week after his 3rd birthday!). If you are local (or not) we would LOVE for you to attend.

Here is the link to get your tickets!

As part of this honor, our family received a photoshoot with Nikki Guest. I know Nikki (and her sweet dog) because she is a Waggin’ Tails client, and we had such a great time at our shoot last Sunday. She was so patient with both kids, especially Mr.G who was not thrilled to be out and having to pose past his bedtime. But despite his grumpiness, Nikki got some great shots. We haven’t seen all the pictures, but this is our “sneek peek”- love it!

I am so excited and grateful for this opportunity to share Grayson’s story as well as raise money and awareness for Beads of Courage. I hope a lot of friends will be able to attend on September 28!


7 thoughts on “Beads of Courage!

  1. I've heard of it before but never knew how to get involved (and get Reagan her beads of courage)!! Maybe you'll be able to tell me more! Love the pics from the photo shoot!!!

  2. Oh wow! I am so glad that he is being honored in this way! Yes, he definitely earned this badge of courage. And so did you!!! Love the family pictures, they are adorable! 🙂

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