Family Weekend

So the summer blogging rut continues…maybe one of these days I’ll be inspired to write a real post again, but today is just a show and tell about our weekend.

We spent the weekend at the ranch with part of our North Carolina family. My grandmother, aunt, cousin and her little girl flew from Charlotte on Friday and they went home today. We had a really good time, but when I got home I realized I barely took any pictures- ugh! I am especially disappointed I didn’t get any pictures of my grandmother with the kids, since this was her first time meeting Charlotte.

We brought along Grayson’s nurse, which was great- she is so good with him and was a huge help all weekend. Grayson did have a seizure, but it was only a few minutes and the rest of the time he seemed to enjoy being outside, swinging, and going on walks. He slept really well at night and took several good naps.

And Charlotte discovered the deliciousness of her Daddy’ waffles…

Ryan left Sunday for a coaching clinic, and our nurse, the kids and me stayed until Monday. On our way home, those of us left stopped for lunch. Two diaper blowouts (both changed in a tiny airplane sized bathroom with no changing table), one temporarily lost car keys, Veggie Tales serenading the restaurant the whole time, and lots of cracker crumbs on the floor later, I’m sure the waitresses were glad to see us go! (Sidenote: I have a child who eats crackers!)

I love these people so much!


3 thoughts on “Family Weekend

  1. How fun! Had to scroll back to the top to reread that it was your COUSIN that came; she could be your sister! Glad you guys had a great time together!

  2. What fun! I'm so glad that it was a great weekend! Love the group shot and hurray for cracker eating! So great that you all have the ranch to vacation to!!

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