Easter 2013: Not How We Had Planned It

This was what Easter was supposed to look like

Sweet little boy and girl in their smocked Sunday best


But, like most things in our life, it didn’t turn out the way we’d planned

We spent all day Sunday and Monday in the hospital having Grayson’s broken feeding tube replaced

Taking care of two babies in the hospital is exhausting

But we survived. And Grayson had the procedure done without anesthesia, which was GREAT.

It wasn’t the ideal Easter, but at least we got great pictures last week (thanks Erin!)

He is Risen! (In church, the hospital, wherever)


7 thoughts on “Easter 2013: Not How We Had Planned It

  1. Precious precious precious sweat peas in their Easter best. So sorry that it was spent at the hospital, but so so glad that the procedure to put the tube back in was done without anesthesia and it was an easier recovery. I say dress them up next Sunday and have a do over! :o)

  2. Omgoodness! These pictures are adorable (as, of course, are those kiddos). I'm sorry Easter didn't go as planned, but how fabulous that G was able to have the procedure without being sedated.

  3. The picture of her in the basket with the eggs is the cutest I've seen in forever! Now I want to try to do that pose with Graham. :)Sorry your plans were "changed" but I'm glad the procedure went well.

  4. Well, those pictures are FABULOUS!!! Even if Easter wasn't… Glad you made it through. He IS Risen, and for that I am eternally grateful!

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