22 Months!

Dear Grayson,

You turned 22 months a few days ago- 22 months on the 22nd and 2 months from being 2- whew! I really can’t believe you are so close to your second birthday.

This past month was pretty challenging for several reasons. One, I was away from you for basically 10 days. Although you did great with your daddy and grandparents, I know it was tough on both of us. I am so glad that we are back under the same roof! You are still working really hard on a lot of skills, which is great, but not mastering them yet is causing you a lot of frustration. It makes me so sad when you burst into tears when your body just won’t do what you want it to. You try so hard and keep trying despite your struggles- I am so proud of you.

I am so sorry I have been so sick and tired these past few weeks. We talk to you all the time about being a big brother, but I know this part of it is no fun (for either of us). I am looking forward to having a lot more energy for you and not having to interrupt playtime to go throw up. Thankfully, having your nurse start happened at the perfect time- I am getting to rest and know you are well taken care of.

Sleep has become quite the issue with you the past few weeks. Naps have become short and sometimes non-existent, resulting in you being one grumpy baby by 5:30. You are practically asleep, contentedly sucking your thumb while we put your jammies on, but as soon as we put you in bed, you start screaming and climbing up the crib. We are having to sort of let you cry it out, because I’ve decided you may be a tad bit manipulating, little guy.

You start school in a few weeks- I am SO excited for you! I just know you are going to learn so many new things and love your teachers and new friends. Although school starting for you is exciting, we will be sad that Daddy has to start school too. We will especially miss him being here for bath and bedtime- I’ve gotten spoiled with him getting your tube ready, dressing the top half of you, and brushing your hair before we put you in your crib.

I love you so much sweet boy- you are my sunshine.



8 thoughts on “22 Months!

  1. Happy 22months! He is so adorable! School will be so wonderful for him! I am so excited! But I do hope he starts sleeping well for you again. I'm sure it does nothing for your morning sickness to be sleep deprived!

  2. How are our babies almost 2?!?! The time is just flying by…So glad that the nurse is working out and that you are getting some much needed rest, friend! Hope the morning sickness (all day sickness?) lets up soon!!

  3. Ha ha! I laughed at your comment about him being a little manipulating. We have the same thing going on, but B doesn't believe it and says that Matthew is upset for a real reason. Sigh. ;)Grayson is such a good boy! I am so excited for him to start school. I can't wait to hear about it!!!!

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