21 Months!

Dear Grayson,

This letter is a few days late because Friday (your actual 21 month birthday) we left you with Grammie and Grandaddy so your daddy and I could go out of town for the weekend. We had fun, but missed you like crazy. You had some rough moments, but also had a ton of fun playing with your grandparents and Aunt Rebecca and swimming for the first time this summer! They said you kept putting your face in the water trying to “eat” it, but obviously weren’t too happy with the result of that!

Last weekend, we celebrated Fathers Day. You are crazy about your Daddy and love him so much. I love watching him make you laugh and the special bond my two boys have.

Since I haven’t done your “stats” in a few months, here they are. You weigh about 23 pounds and are 32 inches long. You wear size 4 diapers and still mostly 18 month clothes, but you wear 24 month pajamas and onesies. You have a gazillion teeth, a million of which came in this past month- oy. Your mouth full of teeth makes you look like such a big boy; in fact there isn’t much baby left in you. You still adore Veggie Tales and hate getting dressed and undressed.

You still refuse to actually eat food, but are willing to taste almost anything. We discovered this month that you love the taste of pickles, of all things. You really are your Daddy’s boy. You are still tube fed continuously at night, but are down to 3 hour and a half feeds during the day. It’s nice to have hours during the day not attached to that pole!

You are still working so hard on your motor skills and every day get closer and closer to crawling. you love to pull yourself up on your knees and explore the best you can. It’s amazing to watch your determination, which really is half the battle, right?

I love you so much sweet boy and am so thankful every day that God chose your Daddy and me to be your parents.



10 thoughts on “21 Months!

  1. Great pictures!!! 21 months, I can't believe it. I admire that you are sticking with the month stickers. 🙂 he looks great and whoo hoo for his first swim of the season!

  2. Happy 21 months Grayson! All those teeth (they really are a terror coming in aren't they? L is working on his molars right now and he is pretty much miserable 😦 ) makes him look like such a kid!

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