Day at the Barn

Today we went to a friend’s barn to visit her horses and Grayson LOVED it. I think he mostly loved being outside in the breeze, but he babbled and laughed the entire time we were there (during naptime!). We are considering hippotherapy (horses) for Grayson at some point, and today made me even more excited about it.

This is Sophie, G’s new pal. Sophie is disabled too, so they have a special connection.

They took each other for a walk- apparently it is more fun to hold the leash in one’s mouth.
Meeting Spirit, the miniature horse. Perfect size for our little guy.
 By the time it was time to ride, Grayson was really tired and was kind of over it all.

He fell asleep almost immediately after he got back in the stroller

 Sophie was tired too

We can’t wait to go back again!

6 thoughts on “Day at the Barn

  1. Aw! So fun and so cute! I hope that you do get him in that horsey therapy. Sounds awesome, and like he'll really benefit/enjoy it. 🙂 Is that YOUR new dog, or a new dog that just happened to be at the farm? Such a cute puppy!

  2. I have to tell you – the picture of Grayson waving was up in my reader when I was holding Matthew and he started waving back at Grayson and chitter chattering to him :)Sounds like you guys had fun! That Sophie is too cute!

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