19 Months!

Dear Grayson,

19 Months! Counting in months, you are now closer to 2 than you are 1- wow. I can’t believe how time is flying. Developmentally, this has been a big month for you. You desperately want to be on the move and are constantly getting yourself in the crawling position, rocking back and forth. I just know that one of these days I’m going to look up and you will be across the room- I can’t wait for that moment!

I love how you are so proud of yourself- you should be!

You are also FINALLY getting some more teeth- I was starting to think the eight you have were all you were going to get- ha! You have four coming in right now- that’s right, four teeth all at the same time. Oy. Thankfully, it hasn’t been too bad- you poor thing, having so many other issues, teething really isn’t that big a deal, is it?

You’ve been having some rough times the last few weeks- lots of little seizures and pain. When I hold you and you are screaming in pain, your little feet shaking, I just feel helpless and so, so, sad. I am so sorry for all you have to go through, little man, and I pray constantly that your body will give you some peace.

Taking a rest- trying to crawl is hard work

You continue to grow, and in my opinion, just get cuter and cuter every day. Everywhere we go, people comment on your adorable-ness and your gorgeous blue eyes. You now weigh almost 22 pounds and you look good. I think once our stash of size 3 diapers runs out, we are going to move on to size 4! We are working hard on teaching you to eat by mouth again, and your are starting to enjoy the taste of food. You will accept almost anything in your mouth- usually after tasting it, you spit it out, but at least you are enjoying different tastes and textures.

You continue to have an obsession with Veggie Tales music- we play their Silly Songs album over and over, and I love to watch the grin you get on your face at your favorite parts.

Listening to the Belly Button Song- you love it!

This coming month, we have a few doctors appointments and lots of therapy, but also some fun things planned. While the weather is still bearable, we’ll be taking walks and going to the swings whenever we can. You were also invited to a pool party with the families from your new school, which should be super fun!

I love you so much, sweet boy, and am so proud of you. You inspire me every single day.



10 thoughts on “19 Months!

  1. The progress he is making is so exciting!!!! I am so happy to see how well he is doing. I love the monthly outfits you have him in every month. I was telling my best friend about them and she told me she wishes she had known about iron ons before she had he daughter.

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