15 Months

Dear Grayson,

Happy 15 months little man! Once again, it’s been quite a whirlwind month. Besides your surgery and new-and-improved G-tube, the biggest happening this month is you are GROWING! You got a ton of 12 month clothes for your birthday that looked enormous at the time, but now they are all getting snug and the pants too short! I’m not sure of your exact weight, but I know it’s somewhere between 19 and 20 pounds.

I pick you up each morning out of your crib and you feel heavy. Since you aren’t sitting up on your own, we bathe you in the infant tub still, but you are like a fish that is too big for his tank- we are going to have to figure something else out soon.

Something else that is growing- your hair. Didn’t we just get it cut? I am trying to convince Daddy that it’s time for another trim, but he is being stubborn about it. But he’s not the one who has to do something with this bed-head every morning!

This month, you have discovered it’s fun to stick out your tongue. Anytime something really makes you happy or excites you, you stick out your tongue and get a mischievous look in your eyes. It’s so super cute.

You also LOVE to brush your teeth. We got you an electric toothbrush hoping to stimulate your mouth so you want to eat (no such luck) but you love to hold it and move it around in your mouth.

I told you you’re outgrowing your clothes!

Overall, you are doing really well. You’ve got such a sweet personality, love to give kisses, work so hard, and are getting stronger and learning new things every day. I really can’t believe you are about to celebrate your second Christmas in a few days.

Happy 15 Months and Merry Christmas sweet little Monster. You know how much I love and adore you.



7 thoughts on “15 Months

  1. Just precious. Look how much older he looks compared to the 12 month pic on the header! Amazing progress and growth, so proud of you all!!

  2. I love your letters to him. I'm sure he will love them too when he is older. He has grown so much and all of your dedication and hard work with him is paying off. Have a great Christmas!

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