14 Months!

Dear Grayson,

Oh, my sweet little Monster Man. What a month it has been! You have now had your tube for a whole month, and for the most part are doing really well with it. I do have to pry the tubing out of your death grip and razor sharp teeth every once in awhile, but you generally leave it alone. And OH MY what a difference it is making! You are growing and filling out before my eyes! You now have an adorable little double chin and chunky-monkey thighs- I love it! You weigh right around 18 pounds now, depending on what doctor we are visiting and the reading on their scale (hmmm). I need to weigh you on our home scale and see what it says. We’ve FINALLY moved to size 3 diapers and you are in all 12 month clothes. Hooray!

This month, you have become so chatty- you babble constantly and I love when you say Mmmmmm-MA! Mmmmmm-MA! You also say Ba and occasionally Ga. Food is still not really your thing- you will usually accept a bite or two of whatever I offer you but then lose interest or just flat out refuse. I guess when you are fed 24 hours a day you don’t have much of an appetite. We go back to the doctor this week and I am anxious to find out what your future holds in terms of the tube.

I know this letter is a week late, but we were on vacation last week. You got to meet your three new second cousins, see your great grandparents, visit with your aunts and uncles, and celebrate Thanksgiving with some of the people who love you most. We are so, so thankful that God has blessed our family with you.

This coming month is going to be busy! We again have lots of doctors appointments, therapy sessions, and a possible surgery that will help the doctors get closer to figuring out a diagnosis for you. On top of that, it’s Christmas time! Yesterday, we decorated our house for Christmas and are going to do our best to make it a wonderful Christmas for you. Of course, if Santa brings you any more toys, he’s going to have to buy Mommy and Daddy a bigger house because there is no room for any more Grayson-stuff in this house!

Happy 14 months Grayson- I love you so, so much.


P.S. I’m sorry I lost your 14th month onesie sticker. I’m sure it will turn up…when you are no longer 14 months 😦


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