First Birthday Party

Yesterday we celebrated Grayson with family and friends! I did a pretty good job of sticking to my goal of making his party sweet and simple. I did, however, get my craft-on and made several fun little things for the party.


 Tushy-Print Cupcake Birthday Sign:

Birthday Banner (made by me and Grayson’s Aunt Hannah):

Party Hat:

Cake Table:
“1” Cookies made by the fabulous HannahKline Cake Design (Grayson’s Aunt Hannah)
Grayson getting some pre-party snuggles from Dear:
Grayson wasn’t too sure about his smash cake, or all his friends and family staring at him and singing. All the same, we got some cute pictures, and he managed to make a fun mess!


First Birthday Outfit- Post Cake Smashin’:
After the party, the Birthday Boy was partied-out. Good thing he has a Grammie that loves to give tired boys lots of cuddles!
I just love this sweet ONE YEAR OLD and it was great to be able to celebrate his first year of life!


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