Grayson started grabbing toys this week. I’m in awe of my little boy. I sit with him on the floor, prop him up against me and hold his cow or his rattle in front of him and he grabs it. I kiss his little cheeks and tell him how proud of him I am, and he giggles.

Grabbing, grasping and reaching- things we all take for granted. You want that book sitting on the coffee table? Reach over and pick it up. I can’t imagine how frustrated Grayson must have been all these months- seeing things and knowing he wanted those things in his mouth (he would open his mouth trying to will them in) but not knowing how to get them there.

Just like I take for granted that I can pick a book up off the table, I think if it hadn’t been such a struggle, I would have taken that skill for granted with my baby too. I might be annoyed that he now has a death grip on my hair when I hold him, or frustrated that he grabs the spoon when I’m feeding him, getting sweet potatoes EVERYWHERE- but I’m not. I’m just so unbelievably thankful that my boy’s hands work and he can learn and explore his world with them.

Having Grayson has really forced me to slow down- his pace is slow, and his development is slow. Every day that passes this bothers me less and less. But I fall in love with him more and more. If you read this blog but don’t know Grayson “in person”- he is just the greatest little guy. He is the best cuddler, has the sweetest smile, and gets this mischevious look on his face when he’s standing on my lap (uh oh!). He laughs, he rolls over, and he sure knows how to demand attention. And I know I’ve mentioned he’s the world’s best baby to put down for a nap or for bed. There is so much more that he can do than he can’t. I’m so blessed.

Oh yeah, and he’s pretty stinkin’ adorable too.


7 thoughts on “Grabbing

  1. Yay for Grayson! And yay for you. You are handling all of this uncertainty with such grace. I'm forever impressed with you. Grayson is infinitely lucky to have you for a mama.

  2. He is such a doll, and such a sweetie! I just adore him… and so does L – he almost dove out of my lap when G's picture popped up on the screen!

  3. We all knew he was going to thrive….just in his own time and his own way. Way to go, G!And how cute is that outfit? Oh my!

  4. Hooray! So excited for all the grabbing, so so great! We knew he had it in him, just took a tiny bit longer to get there!!! This is also making me reflect on what I take for granted that we all can do, I think tomorrow I shall move a bit slower and take notice and be thankful of it all. xoxo-

  5. My daughter, who will be 2 in June, also has a white matter disease where she does not have enough white matter in her brain. She has seen 4 geneticists and countless specialists, and still no one can tell us exactly what she has, other than it is some sort of genetic white matter disease. We live in Waco–not too far away from y'all! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I am thinking of you and to hang in there. It does get easier! Grayson is just too cute, and you seem like a great mama! Blessings to you.

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