7 Months!

Mr. Beautiful Blue Eyes

I’m a little sad writing this post, because to me, seven months sounds so much older than 6 months. I rocked G an extra few minutes last night before putting him to bed as a 6 month old for the last time.
Important stuff in Grayson’s world:
Food: Solids are still a challenge, but so far, G’s favorite are pears. I like pears too because they are far less messy than sweet potatoes and smell better than bananas. We are feeding him 25-30 ounces of formula/day, beefed up to 24 calories/ounce. We go back for a weight check and consult with his pediatrician next week, and I’m hoping he’ll be back on his growth curve! At his endocrinology appointment on Wednesday, he weighted 14 pounds, 9 ounces.

Diapers: I ran out of size 1-2 and didn’t want to buy another box, so we are officially into our stash of size 2s. They are a little big, but are working!

Clothes: Almost all 3-6 months or 6 month clothes. I did buy him some 9 month jammies for the length and they seem to be more comfy than the 6 month ones.

Favorite new baby contraption: The Excersaucer! G’s nursery teacher told me how much he liked it at church, so we brought ours out to try at home. He’s wobbly and I have to stuff blankets around him to keep him from falling over, but he loves it! Such a big boy! (And notice how well he’s holding his head up!)

I love his expression in this picture- so proud of himself!

Favorite new hobby: Having our friends over for playdates and going swinging at our neighborhood park!

Two cool dudes at the park

Sleep: Still going great at night, and this month’s big accomplishment-Grayson is napping in his crib! He’s put himself on a little schedule; one or two short naps in the morning and a long one (2-3 hours) in the afternoon. He prefers to be on his tummy, which I am totally not freaked out by anymore (thank goodness for video monitors!)

Toys: Grayson seems more and more interested in toys every day. He still isn’t grabbing at toys on his own, but loves when I put a rattle or one of his small stuffed animals in his hand. And as my mentioned in my last post, his favorite new toys are his feet! He also loves to laugh and be silly- here’s a video of his infectious laugh:
Happy Seven Months Little Man!

6 thoughts on “7 Months!

  1. big boy!!! love the laughs! i wish blaine would go in those swings at the park but he pretty much just screams bloody murder. LOL.happy 7 months grayson!!!

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