Really Bad Hair Day

This morning was Grayson’s EEG at his neurologist’s office. I had several sweet offers from people willing to go with us for support, but I decided since the test wasn’t invasive or anything where G would get stuck with needles, we could go by ourselves.

What the heck is this all about!?

Grayson was tired and cranky when we got there, which ended up being perfect because I fed him a bottle while the tech marked on his head with a red pen and then stuck 25 wires all over his head. She then turned off the lights and he fell fast asleep. The actual test was 1 hour and we snuggled in a big, comfy (REALLY comfy actually) recliner the whole time. G slept and I watched The Resucers, one of my favorite Disney movies from childhood. At one point, for a few minutes, the tech flashed really bright lights by his face, which I thought would surely wake him up, but they didn’t. I was kind of sad when the test was over, because he was sleeping so soundly on my chest and snoring so sweetly.

Sound asleep
The tech took the wires off his head- oh my goodness, Grayson’s hair needs a good shampooing! The red pen smeared everywhere, his head was sweaty and there were globs of the adhesive stuck in his hair. It was quite a sight! I didn’t dare take him anywhere after that because people probably would have called the police- it really does look like his head is all cut up!
But I don’t want to wake up!
Well, I guess all that sleeping on his momma wore him out because Grayson wanted no part of playtime when we got home- it was bottle and in the crib for a nap. I’ll probably have to wash his crib sheet because of all his hair-nastiness (no, I didn’t bathe him when we got home- I’ll just do it tonight).
The EEG tech said we won’t get a call about the test unless they find something and Grayson needs to be seen sooner than our follow up with the doctor, which is in June. So I guess no news is good news if we don’t hear anything.
I have to find a time this week to take Grayson to TCH to get blood drawn- ugh, NOT looking forward to that. I doubt there will be a big comfy recliner and snoring baby during that test!
Seriously people, just let me sleep!

5 thoughts on “Really Bad Hair Day

  1. So while I know having the test was not ideal or fun, the pics sure are cute!!! Glad that it went well and that he slept the while test, perfect way to pass the hour. Seriously, that first pic is so cute, the angle, the paci, those sweet cheeks and the silly wires. Fingers crossed for no news!!!

  2. Elizabeth – you are such a trooper to go through all of this. I can't even imagine. I'm glad you saw a new doctor who is being proactive and trying to figure out more answers for Grayson. The uncertainty must be very daunting. And what a trooper Grayson is! Those pictures are so cute. I hope all goes well for the next steps and there aren't any surprises (unless they are good surprises, I do hope for those).Thanks for commenting on my posts while I was away.

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