This is Pippi, my first dog. I bought Pippi when she was 7 weeks old, just a tiny white ball of fluff. Pippi was a ball of energy; she was my workout partner, my baby, my friend, and a lot of times, my comforter.

Today is Pippi’s birthday. She would have been 6 years old. We lost Pippi on Christmas day 2007. She got under the fence at Ryan’s house (we weren’t married yet) and we never saw her again. It was heartbreaking.

I want to believe that Pip was scooped up by someone who really needed a friend that day, and that she’s living the life of luxury on a huge farm somewhere.

I’m sad that Pippi never got to meet Hank or Chloe, or Grayson, and never got to go to Waggin’ Tails. She would have LOVED Waggin’ Tails.

Happy Birthday sweet little girl. I love you and miss you.


3 thoughts on “Pippi

  1. So sweet, and what a great pic of her!!! I know she is somewhere fabulous and enjoying her life, just so very sad it is not with you all. Sorry for your sad day.

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