Zoom! Zoom!

I have a true boy on my hands- I discovered this morning that Grayson loves cars. Well, maybe not the wheels, the shiny paint, or even the actual car itself…but the sound a car makes. Or the sound that Mommy says it makes.

I put a bib on him this morning that has a car on the front. He was a little bit fussy, so I said, “Grayson, the car goes Zoom! Zoom!”

Bwaaahahahah! You would have thought we were at the Improv, the instant laugh that came out of that kid.

“Zoom! Zoom!”

Hahahahahahahaha! HUGE belly laugh.

Hmmm. I tested him. “Grayson, a frog says, Ribbit! Ribbit!”


“Zoom! Zoom!”

Aaaaaaa hahahahahahaha!

Kind of weird. But adorable at the same time.

I thought, surely he won’t do it for the camera. Grayson likes to clam up and forget all his tricks the instant that button is pushed, as I’m sure is true for most kids. But Zoom! Zoom! is just too funny, I guess. He did hold back a little bit, but you get the idea…


2 thoughts on “Zoom! Zoom!

  1. I wonder if it is the zzz sound…Josh goes hysterical when I say "buzz buzz". Loved seeing you and Mr. Grayson. Hugs and kisses to him from me!Christina

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