Fun Day

Spring Break is here! After spending most of the day yesterday cleaning and purging the room that will eventually be Grayson’s big-boy room (until yesterday, it was the catch-all crap room) we decided to have a fun family day today. Ryan, my mom, Grayson and I took a little day trip to the Kemah boardwalk. We enjoyed absolutely gorgeous weather, ate yummy food, and Grayson was in a great mood for most of the day.

Delicious salmon and tempura vegetables (I know, not on the diet)
We told Grayson it’s bad manners to put your foot on the table, especially when the table has a white tablecoloth!
We love spending time with Daddy on Spring Break!
Riding in style!
Grayson and his Grammie
We decided to have a caricature drawn of Grayson to hang next to the one of Ryan and me at our wedding (we had a caricature artist at our reception). However, the model decided to fall asleep!
We are less than enthused with the results…not sure if this one is frame-worthy!
Fun, fun day, but tomorrow is back to work- we tackle the garage!

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