5 Months!

Happy 5 Months sweet boy! We have had a GREAT few weeks- I have seen Grayson change dramatically since my last “month” post. Also, all 3 of our therapists have said that Grayson is a totally different baby than when we started therapy! This is a huge encouragement to me, because sometimes doing his “work” is no fun at all!

This month Grayson has started:

  • Tracking with his eyes- he will follow a rattle or toy as long as I move it very slowly and it makes some sort of noise
  • Rolling over back to tummy- he’s only done this a few times, but he’s proven he can do it! In fact, this is how I found him in his crib one morning last week!
  • “Talking”- we carry on “conversations” all day- he is quite the chatterbox!
  • YELLING- he’s figured out that sometimes a (very loud) AAAAAHHHHH right in Mommy’s ear is more effective than crying
  • Laughing- my favorite
  • Tolerating tummy time- he’s getting better every day. His goal is 2 minutes/4 times a day on his tummy without fussing. Most days we reach that goal.

And his most amazing accomplishment…just last night, on the eve of his 5 month birthday….drumrolll…

HE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so proud of him, and he woke up in a great mood (and I was in a great mood too, being all well rested)
Holding the bell at music class
In other 5 month news, just because I need to document this stuff: Grayson weighs 12 pounds, 12 ounces and is eating 4-5 ounces/feeding. He is still wearing size 1 diapers and mostly 0-3 month clothes, although I do put him in some 6 month things that are a little big. Last Friday at our Tiny Tots and Tunes music class, I put the little bell in his hand and he actually held onto it and brought it to his mouth! He has never done that before! He hasn’t done it since, but is started to hold onto rings and small objects I put in his hand. He loves his “crinkle” (the shiny mylar paper we use for his vision work) and will grab it and move it to his mouth. He isn’t reaching at toys yet, but his therapist told me yesterday she thinks it won’t be long before he starts doing that!
Grayson is going bald! Look at the difference in his newborn hair and his 5 month hair. I know it will come back, but eek!
I can’t believe my Little Man is almost half a year old! In some ways I’m sad, but it’s so exciting to see him growing, changing and let’s face it- just becoming more and more adorable!

5 thoughts on “5 Months!

  1. He looks like such a little man in that first picture – ha! Too cute. So many accomplishments, Grayson. Especially sleeping through the night. Way to go!

  2. 5 months! I can barely believe it! Adorable pics, that top one is just too cute! So glad that his teachers are happy with his progress, way to go G and Mommy!!!

  3. even if he is losing hair, the hair he has is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is sooo adorable. yay for his progress so far with his therapy! i'm realllly jealous about the sleeping through; how many hours did he do?

  4. Happy 5 months, G!!!!It's so funny that you talked about him losing his hair– the first picture you posted I thought, "WOW! Look at all of that hair!!" Liam lost almost all of his newborn hair except for a small patch in the back at the base of his neck. It's finally started growing (a lot!) on the top of his head, but he still remains bald in the back where his head lays down.Yay for sleeping through the night– Finally!!!! I hope that it's the beginning of some great nights for you. (We were SO lucky that Liam started sleeping through the night at 5 weeks– we were certainly the exception, not the rule).I am so happy to hear about all of the progress that G's making– that's so awesome. Go little man, go!!

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