4 Months!

Didn’t I just do a 3 month post? How can I slow these months down?!?

Well, ready or not, Little Dude is 4 months old! We have so much fun together every single day- singing, reading books, visiting friends, laughing (or yelling) at our doggies…I love being Grayson’s mommy!

We went to the pediatrician on Friday, and here are the latest stats:

Weight: 11 pounds, 13 ounces (4%- yep, he’s doubled his birth weight and then some!)
Height: 23 inches (4 %- well, height genetics are NOT working in his favor!)
Head Circumference:  15 inches (1 %- yes, he has a tiny head, but we are going to cram a lot of knowledge in there! We are going to start memorizing multiplication facts very soon!)

The doctor said yes, he’s itty bitty, but he’s following “his” curve just great!

Eating: Grayson is up to 4-5 ounces every feeing. We switched to “Level 2” nipples on his bottles, which makes a huge difference!

Sleeping: Thursday night, Grayson surprised us and slept EIGHT AND A HALF HOURS at one stretch! This blows out his previous record of 5 hours! I really, REALLY, really hope this is the beginning of a pattern.
Favorite new pastime: Chewing on his hands. He can’t get enough of them!
Clothes: 0-3 months, but some of the pants are getting a little short!
Happy 4 months little guy! I love you to the moon and back!

4 thoughts on “4 Months!

  1. awwh what a cutie!! from the pics he really doesnt look all that small! my hubby is 5'6'' so we are going to have a shrimpy boy too; although blaine is 50 percentile for height / weight, i know it will drop off very soon. happy 4 months!!

  2. That black and white picture is TOO MUCH! He's adorable. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad he's growing so well and perfect for his curve. PS – Where did you get the month onsies?

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