Different Worlds

Yesterday I had some friends from high school and their babies over for a playdate (I love reconnecting with old friends). My sister is in town and snapped some really cute pictures of the babies- check them out  on her blog here.

I love in her post that she said, “My sister and I definitely live in different worlds.” It’s true. Rebecca is 20, smack in the middle of college (art school) where she spends her days photographing fashion models and creating absolutely amazing pieces of art from things like insulation foam and recycled water bottles. I know she was a little out of her element yesterday with over an hour of nonstop talk of all things baby- how is it we can talk about the sleeping and eating habits of our children ad nauseum, and yet still find it riveting conversation? Anyway, the world Rebecca lives in seems so foreign to me- in 9 months, apparently I’ve completely forgotten what it feels like to wake up when I want, go where I want, even be out past-gasp- 7 pm.

My college days, and even my childless days, feel like a lifetime ago. I am working a few days a week this summer while Ryan is home to be with Grayson. Today I had to wake up at 5:30 am in order to be at work at 7, something that I did regularly for years before having this baby. Yet this morning it felt so weird. I LOVE my job and it was great to be there today, but it felt weird. Yes, I’ve been working on the weekends since January, but there was just something different about leaving the house before Grayson had his breakfast, or even his first diaper change. And I missed him- oh I missed that baby. But when I got home, I was tired. Really tired. And I really didn’t feel like working on G’s sitting, or feeding, or tummy time. All I wanted to do was sit on the couch, read blogs, and have a glass of wine. But Grayson didn’t want to veg with me. So we worked on sitting, we ate green beans and peas with our oatmeal for dinner, and we did a little tummy time. And we went to the park and swung to kill those last 30 minutes before bathtime.

Working moms- you are amazing. Those of you who give 100% to your job and then 100% to your children day in and day out have to be utterly exhausted. And yet you do it.

I am so, so happy that Ryan decided not to teach summer school this year. He’s been home a week, and I can already see a dramatic change in the way Grayson relates to him. G’s face lights up when he hears his Daddy’s voice and they have discovered a common love of farting noises (they both laugh hysterically when they hear one). I love how Ryan calls G his Little Monster and how Grayson uses Ryan’s thumb as a teether. Those two are two peas in a pod. And I think Ryan is relieved to get a break from his world and step into our world for a few weeks.


Yet Another Post about Baby Food and Poop (Sorry)

I know you are thinking, “Don’t you have anything more exciting going on to write about?”

Nope. I don’t. Just keepin’ it real. So you’ve been warned. Keep reading if you want, but I’m not offering any refunds on the next 2 minutes of your life.

So Grayson is eating much better these days. Hallelujah. I’ve finally discovered something he has yet to refuse- baby oatmeal. I was hesitant to buy a box at first because of his most-unimpressed attitude towards rice cereal, but he LOVES it. And he will eat it mixed with anything- sweet potatoes, pears, apples, prunes, wasabi (just kidding).

Here’s the problem- he loves it so much, and he’s such a big boy now what with his new grabbing skills and all, that he wants to feed himself. Yes, I know in this post that I said I am so thankful that he is grabbing stuff that I don’t care that he’s grabbing the spoon while I’m trying to feed him. Yeah, well, I am, but it’s now driving. me. insane. He’s not coordinated enough to grab the spoon by the handle- he has to grab the biggest, easiest part to grab- the part with the big bite of food on it. And then he smears, flings, or wipes that oatmeal all over himself and his momma. Any food that does actually make it in his mouth is quickly swallowed and then he’s impatient for his next bite. So the whole feeding process consists of me dodging baby arms flailing in an effort to grab the spoon, while at the same time trying not to fling the food myself, and at the same time trying to hit the intended target- his mouth. Never mind trying to stay clean- not gonna happen (remember, I am still feeding the little booger on my lap).

Most days Grayson now gets 2 baths- one after breakfast and one after dinner. And if I’m feeling lazy, I just let Izzy lick the food off him in the morning. Why else to we keep that little devil around? Yes, in fact I AM the Mother of the Year.

Side note- Friday Confession- I LOVE baby food. Really. I think all of it is so yummy. Ryan thinks I am bizarre. This morning I tasted G’s oatmeal/apple/blueberry concoction and seriously contemplated making a bowl for myself. I wonder how much weight I could lose if I switched to all baby food. Hmmm. Oh, and I do plan at some point to start making my own baby food, but I know it won’t be as yummy as that stuff in those delicious little jars. Mmmm.

Ok- end of baby food portion. If you are one of the 3 people still reading, be warned I am about to start the poop portion of this post.

Grayson is pooping A LOT. Like really, really, really a lot. Like no less than 5 poopy diapers/day the last week. No, I haven’t called the doctor- he’s fine. But I am really kind of getting tired of changing so many poopy diapers. And to be honest, cloth diapers are fabulous (still lovin’ them) but they are a bit more high maintenance than disposables when it comes to #2. And also oatmeal poopy diapers are not quite as pleasant as formula poopy diapers. They stink.

That’s all- I mean, what more is there to say about baby poop?

And it’s not like anyone is still reading this garbage anyway.

The end.

Hello Summer!

I haven’t posted in a week- we’ve been busy, but really it’s because I haven’t had much inspiration to write this week. But (mostly for me to remember, read if you want) here’s a recap of our week.

My goofy boys

Monday morning- we braved the dog park for the first time with all 4 dogs and Grayson. Yes, we looked like a circus act going and coming, but it really worked out well- Ryan and I got some excersise, Hank did his thing, and the girls followed us around the track like little ducklings. We are planning to make it a regular thing this summer. Monday afternoon I worked at Waggin’ Tails, and the boys and the dogs hung out at the house.

Tuesday- Grayson had an appointment at Texas Children’s with the neuro-opthamologist. I was pessimistic going into the appointment, but was pleasantly surprised. She took us seriously and seemed to really be interested in figuring out what’s going on with him. The problem is his nystagmus (his eyes shifting) doesn’t fit with the other possible diagnoses. She thinks he may have ocular albinism but isn’t sure. She’ll see him again in 6 months- wait and see, just like every other specialist. But, it was better than I expected. After our appointment, we went over to my parents’ house and got to see Peter and Megan who drove in the day before from Nashville. We miss them so much and it’s so much fun when they are here!

Wednesday- we had a great playdate in the morning with some friends from church, then in the evening I met some other friends at Pinot’s Palette, a painting studio where you bring your own wine and paint a canvas to take home. It was a really fun atmosphere- wine, friends, and painting- I’m all about it! I painted this for G’s playroom:

Today- we finally broke out Grayson’s swim trunks and got in the pool at my parents’ house. G was a little hesitant (scared?) at first, but I think he liked being in the water once he got used to it. Good thing we went swimming early, because the thermometer in my car said 102 degrees when we headed for home about 3:00. Welcome to summer, Houston. Oy.

Ryan and I both love softball, and the Women’s College World Series started today, so when we’re home this weekend, we’ll be glued to ESPN. We’ve watched 3 games already today. I am not a big sports-on-TV watcher, but I do love watching the WCWS and it’s our kick-off-the-summer tradition. We have 2 birthday parties this weekend- Grayson’s sweet friends Sadie and Sophia are both turning 1, and Sophia’s big sis Tessa turns 3 this week! We can’t wait to help them celebrate. Here’s a picture of the birthday sign I painted for Sophia using her teeny-tushy as the top of the cupcake. I can’t wait to make G’s (blue) cupcake in a few months!

Big sis Tessa did her handprints (with only 3 fingers painted) for her birthday sign:

We are so excited it’s summer! Ryan’s last day of work is tomorrow and then he’s FREE- well, for a few weeks anyway. We have plans for lots of family fun, and I’m excited to be able to work a few days a week while Ryan is off. Like I said before, it is hot, hot, HOT so I’m sure we’ll have to be creative in our planning activities- going to the park or the zoo isn’t going to be much fun at 100+ degree temperatures.
Happy Summer Everyone!