Feeding Frustrations

This morning, I read this post from Fearless Formula Feeder and it made me cry. I thought I was past anything to do with my breastfeeding experience making me cry. Apparently not.

If you don’t want to read the post (but you should, because it’s a great post), basically it’s a commentary on this 2003 ad that has been rereleased by the Department of Health and Human Services. Watch the ad. It’s quick- and ridiculous.

Please don’t compare the fact that I feed my child formula to me riding a mechanical bull while pregnant. Just don’t. My child is at risk for a million things- seizures, learning disabilities, being licked to death by our dachshund…NONE of which have anything to do with the fact that he’s formula fed. In fact, as we all already know, formula saved my son’s life.

Then about an hour after processing all that nonsense, I attempted to feed Grayson his breakfast of plums. For the third day in a row, he won’t eat. I hold the spoon at his mouth, put a little on his lip, say mmmm- nothin’. Ok, maybe he just doesn’t like plums. I try butternut squash. Nope. Sweet potatoes (which he used to like, way back in…2 Tuesdays ago). Nada.

I really want Grayson to have a good relationship with food. Selfishly, I just don’t want to deal with a picky eater (we already have one of those in the house- that’s enough!). I love food and I’ll try anything once. I could totally be on Fear Factor. I want Grayson to like different flavors, spices and textures. I want him to be adventurous with food. So far, it’s not happening.

I think (hope? pray?) that this complete non-interest in food is just another developmental delay. Maybe his little body just doesn’t know what to do yet. My friend suggested yesterday that he’s 3-4 months behind on a lot of other stuff, so maybe this is the case with eating too. He’ll get it eventually.

I am thankful that we don’t have any issues with the bottle other than possible reflux, which I am hoping can be taken care of with medication. Medication which I don’t have yet because our insurance is refusing to pay for it. Seriously? You are refusing to pay for medication ordered by a doctor for an infant? Seriously? Hopefully our doctor can take care of this one in the next few days.

Other than all this, we are doing good. I dressed myself and Grayson like it was May 2 this morning. My mistake. Apparently it’s mid-February today…brrr. Not that I’m complaining. Any delay to the fast approaching Texas summer is great with me!